Private Coaching


& Range Reservation

                   Wilderness Adventures & Pre-hunting Workshop:

* If you are a new hunter & want to learn how to be a successful and safe hunter

* Or if you are a hunter but you haven't had any success in hunting yet

* Or you would like to meet & join some other successful hunter's group

* Or you would like to know the required equipment for your hunting trip 

* Or you wish to be hunter & don't know how and where to start

‚Äč* Or you want to learn how to use the permitted firearms for hunting or target shooting

* Or you want to learn how to hunt or shoot well with proper archery equipment

* Or how to get your hunting  and/or firearm licence

* Or you just want to experience the Canadian wilderness, understanding the nature & habitat of wildlife.

Call or email us about your interests, so that we may be able to help & lead you to the right direction, or you can visit us at our shooting range during our business operating hours.

Archery Dedicated Programs

Group Sessions