Now its time to start getting prepared & book your fall hunt with well experienced archery & gun hunters.

You, your family or friends will have a lot of fun & success in hunting this year, as long you are serious & ready to go for it.

We can arrange a good accommodation including meals if require , and hunting from the ground blinds or tree stands. 

If you will require baited sights, we could certainly arrange it for you to hunt from ground or tree stand.

We will help you how to be well prepared for your trip and then we will assist & guide you how to hunt safe & successful.

Please feel free to come & see us at our range or just call us at (647) 335 7004 or send an email for more information.

If you will need any help for the equipment or transportation for your trip, it can be arranged at a very reasonable price. 


* Bear or Deer hunt cost is $1000 p/person, based on Monday to Friday 5 days hunt, for weekend hunts, add $250 p/day,

if Sunday hunting is permitted in that particular area/zone (Accommodation is included, but bring your own food supplies & sleeping bags).  

* If you bag your limit and wish to leave earlier you will be allowed to do so, but no refund will be issued back to you.

* 50% deposit is required upon booking and the remaining balance must be paid 30 days prior to the date of the hunt.

NOTE: If the remaining balance is not paid ( 30 days prior to the date of the hunt) your initial deposit will not be refunded,

neither will your hunt be rescheduled, also there will be no refund, or neither replacement with any other hunter. 

Attention Moose hunters; Please call us for costs & other details with an option to hunt in Ontario or other provinces.  

   Below are some of many things you will be able to learn from us & from the members/hunters at our range!

How to scout the area/zone before opening of the hunting season for the species you will be planning for.

Don't have a hunting licence or firearms licence, we will be able to help & assist you where to go for a professional training. 

Knowing & understanding the laws, rules, regulations & species allowed/permitted to hunt in Canada.

How to identify the game animal you want to hunt & understanding an open season before you plan to go for a hunt.

Learning animal behaviour, habitats, feeding, anatomy, droppings etc.

Understanding the weather effects on animal behaviour & movements during weather conditions. 

Choosing proper hunting & other required equipment, as well recommended food items before leaving for your trip.

Understanding the required/permitted guns & ammunition(calibre/gauge) or bows, arrows & broad heads.

                                     Your hunting & wilderness adventure advisers;Sana Khan & Megan Oliveira