​      ​​​​Did You Know?

  1. Our instructors are well experienced, qualified, knowledgeable and fully insured to teach archery at a very professional level. We are NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) with certificates of level 1&2 Training and are OAA active members.
  2. We  teach all ages from juniors as young as 3 years old and senior archery enthusiasts at the age of 78.
  3. We specialize in making all types of bow strings as well as repair and re-string traditional, compound and crossbows.
  4. Crossbows are allowed in our range for setting up sights and shooting (by appointments only).
  5. Broadheads can be used at our range to shoot with any of your bows, as long you have your own targets  or  you may buy one from us.
  6. COMING SOON: a weekend get away or full week, wilderness adventures, pre-hunting training/workshop or spring/fall hunting events by road or by private plane at a very reasonable price for the individuals, groups, couples & families. (Advanced booking is required)
  7. We offer BB gun & air soft gun shooting for all ages at our separate range, this shooting takes place in a very safe environment under supervision for beginners or experienced air gun shooters (a minimum group of 2 & advanced booking is required) 
  8. You are welcome to bring your own equipment or you may use ours for training, competitive shooting or just target shooting for fun. 
  9. Our range is equipped with multiple camera/TV system with 28 targets ranging from 10 to 28 yards & 14 shooting lanes. (FREE WIFI)
  10. Are you a Hunting or shooting enthusiast seeking a hunting or firearms licence for these activities? It can be arranged, we can help you to find a qualified licensed firearm/hunting instructor
  11. Our Instructors & Coaches are always there to help & assist you to shoot better. But if you will require a private coach to stand by you for 1 on 1 instructions, please let us know & we will be able to arrange this for you for as low as $15 p/hour for 1 person or $25 for 2 people.
  12. Good news for new & pro Archers with their own equipment: Now we offer multiple memberships such as; Regular membership for $100, you pay only $10 p/hr, $365 annual membership costs $7 p/visit p/week & premium membership costs $4.80 p/visit (2 visits p/week).       an additional family member will receive 25% off. ( Please check full details on  these memberships on our website under services )


Brief Introduction About Archery History

 Owned and operated by NCCP and OAA Certified Professional Archery Instructors.



We offer archery programs for children, youth and adults of all ages. Our programs are custom designed to suit everyone depending on the age, ability, energy & skill level. Traditional (long and recurve) bows can be used for beginner, intermediate, advanced, instinctive & Olympic  archers as well as hunter's training is offered by using traditional, compound or crossbows. We provide you with full archery equipment to train you at our unique 14 lane, 28 yard range with 28 targets & TV/camera system for viewing your shots. 
In most cases, we will have the equipment which can suit you for your needs, or we are always prepared to ordered it for a very reasonable price. 
Our mission is to stand by you until you are 100% satisfied & become a pro archer or hunter. We will always be there for you, for your family or friends & will assist and help to buy the right equipment and then train you well.

We are licensed, fully insured & we offer 1 on 1 supervised professional level archery training programs for all ages. 

The first composite bow was made approximately 2800 BC, and was first produced by the Egyptians long before the invention of guns, bows and arrows were used for hunting and in battles. 

During those days an arrow could be shot about 400 yards distance away. Being so powerful and strong, it required 2 people to string the bow. Incredibly these bows were only made from materials such as wood and different animal parts (horn, sinew, intestines and shredded tendon).

We have definitely come a long way from those times and now have various types of bows, such as recurve and long bows which are classified under Traditional Bows. Other bows such as the compound bow and crossbow are modern version of these bows, using the help of modern technology to calculate trajectory and range; instead of instinctively shooting. Although archery is no longer needed for battle, now bows are more commonly used for fishing, hunting, target and competition shooting as well as part of the Olympic games.